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The Ultimate Google Shopping Feed Checklist​

Optimize every aspect of your product feed for more clicks and conversions

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What you'll learn

Get access to SOLID's internal checklist for Google Shopping feed optimization. We use this on our own clients' feeds to get the best performance for their shopping campaigns!

Basic Feed Setup

Before you even think about advanced strategies, your basic feed setup needs to be rock-solid. Missing basic elements like GTINs, brand names, and categories can get your products disapproved or reduce their visibility. Make sure you comply with Google's fundamental requirements—because there's no use in optimizing a feed that isn't even eligible to show.

Product Titles

The title is often the first thing your potential customer sees. A generic or truncated title can lose a sale in milliseconds. Learn how to craft compelling titles with strategic keyword placements that align with consumer intent and Google's algorithm. It's not just about stuffing keywords; it's about effective communication and optimizing for search queries on Google.

Product Descriptions

Your product descriptions should do more than just describe; they should sell. Our checklist will guide you through creating descriptions that are rich in detail and high in relevance. Learn how to incorporate attributes that Google and your target audience care about, without sounding like a keyword-laden robot.

Product Images

Never underestimate the power of a high-quality image. Learn the dos and don'ts of product imagery, from resolution to background colors and overlays. A stellar product image can be the decisive factor between a scroll-past and a click-through.

Prices and Availability

Few things frustrate a potential customer more than incorrect pricing or finding out a product is out of stock. You'll discover how to automate updates for prices and availability, ensuring that you're providing real-time accurate information. This minimizes ad waste and boosts customer trust.

Product Variants

Do you sell a product in multiple colors or sizes? Incorrectly setting up product variants can confuse Google and your customers. Our checklist walks you through the intricate but crucial steps to ensure that all variants are accounted for, properly linked, and accurately displayed.

Additional Fields (Required and Optional Fields)

Get the lowdown on all the required and optional attributes that can make or break your feed. Whether it's the 'condition' attribute for used items or the 'sale_price_effective_date' for promotions, knowing what to include—and what you can safely ignore—will empower your feed to perform at its peak.

Merchant Programs and Promotions

Leveraging merchant programs like Google Customer Reviews or Merchant Promotions can give your products that extra edge. We'll guide you through setting up these additional elements to enhance your listings, improve click-through rates, and elevate consumer trust.

Master each of these aspects, and you won't just have an optimized Google Shopping Feed—you'll have a competitive advantage!

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