Empowering OneEarPod to Amplify Market Reach and ROI

Project Overview


Client Profile

OneEarPod has carved a niche in the market by offering individual replacements for lost or broken AirPods. This innovative service allows customers to retain the original quality of their AirPod sets while saving money and supporting environmental sustainability. Their fast shipping service has been a highlight, garnering significant appreciation from customers.

Vehicle Service


Google Ads
Social Ads


Consumer Electronics
Direct to Consumer (D2C)


Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain

Initial Situation

Despite a positive ROAS, OneEarPod struggled to scale their ad spend and were keen on finding strategies to boost their revenue without compromising the ROAS. They encountered difficulties in utilizing their daily budget fully, as Google wasn't spending it as anticipated.

Specific Requirements

The client stipulated a high ROAS requirement, which mandated that any increment in budgets should only be considered if the predetermined ROAS was achieved



How we did it

Strategic Campaign Segmentation

Started by dividing campaigns into various Search and Shopping initiatives, highlighting different products, which facilitated more precise and targeted ads.

Product Feed Optimization

Enhanced the visibility of OneEarPod's offerings in Google Shopping search results by optimizing product feeds, thus improving potential customer reach and engagement.

Budget Scaling and Bidding Strategies

• Adopted a phased approach to budget scaling, carefully increasing allocations to foster growth without compromising ROAS.

• Undertook continuous tests with diverse bidding strategies aiming to maximize ROAS, meticulously analyzing and adapting to achieve the best results.

Cross-Border Expansion

Leveraged the expertise of our native language account managers to spearhead expansion into various European countries, facilitating smoother market penetration and fostering brand growth on an international scale.

Strict Negative Keyword Management

Given that searches centered around "AirPods" accrue millions of impressions daily, a critical aspect of our strategy was implementing stringent negative keyword management. This strategy helped us to meticulously sieve through and select keywords that displayed a high buying intent for OneEarPod's offerings, effectively excluding informational or irrelevant searches and conserving the budget for searches with high buyer intent.

Retargeting Strategy on Facebook

Implemented funnel-specific retargeting campaigns using Facebook and Instagram Ads, which effectively re-engaged potential customers and amplified conversions.


OneEarPod is a shining example of a successful collaboration. Their innovative solution to a common problem, coupled with clear goals and a willingness to grow and try new strategies, made it easy for us to expand their ad reach effectively.

revenue increase within the initial 3 months of collaboration
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Increase of revenue
within a span of six months
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Additional Markets launched In the First Year


Ruba and her team set up our search, shopping and social ads and have been actively managing them for over a year now. We are now active in 6 European markets with our ads, our turnover has increased tenfold and we have had a profitable ROAS since the start of the collaboration. The SOLID team is always immediately available and enquiries are always answered on the same day. I can highly recommend SOLID Marketing and have already done so several times - and our collaboration will hopefully continue to expand in the coming months. All I can say is: Thank you very much!
Victor Borsche
CEO & Founder | OneEarPod

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