Welcome to SOLID: we're a tight-knit team of marketing experts with a passion for helping brands like yours crush their goals, all while having an absolute blast.

Who we work with?

Our favorite partners are those that have or are looking to establish a strong digital presence. We have delivered outstanding results for:


E-commerce is our bread and butter. Whether you’re looking to expand your audience, create more loyal customers, or are just starting to invest in a more robust marketing initiative, we can help.


Companies who sell services live and die based on customer loyalty. We’ve helped plenty of SaaS businesses cultivate customer trust, adoption, and loyalty to help dramatically expand their long-term growth.


Finding ways to target and address traditional buyers in a new media environment can be tough. We help the world's leading B2B companies find valuable prospects and close more sales.

How we do it?


We don't believe in quick fixes or chasing fads. Because there’s no silver bullet to marketing. Our focus is on long-term, sustainable digital marketing strategies that lead to genuine growth. We'll help you cut through the noise and find the essential strategies for your company's success. Partner with us for trust, results, and sustained growth.


When it comes to digital marketing, expertise is our driving force. Our team is comprised of industry professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the field. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques, ensuring that we can offer you the most effective strategies tailored to your specific needs. With our deep expertise, we can navigate the complexities of the digital landscape, making informed decisions that lead to tangible results. Rely on our knowledge to elevate your marketing efforts and achieve remarkable outcomes.


Teamwork is at the heart of our approach to digital marketing. We believe in collaborating closely with our clients, understanding their goals, and working together to achieve success. Our team is not just a group of individuals; we are a cohesive unit, leveraging each other's strengths and expertise to deliver outstanding results. When you partner with us, you gain a dedicated team that is committed to your company's growth and success. Trust in our collaborative spirit to elevate your digital marketing efforts.

Your Growth Team


CEO & Founder

As the founder and strategic director of SOLID, Ruba has helped companies of all sizes integrate Paid Advertising and Email automation into their digital strategy for brand promotion, demand generation, and customer acquisition.

Her expertise comes from years of working with industry-leading organizations in the digital space, including Fortune 500 corporations, Europe’s largest consumer goods retailers, and top companies in sectors such as B2B, SaaS, Ecommerce and Crypto.


Account Director

Giuseppe, a seasoned Italian marketer with nearly a decade of experience specializing in Paid Ads and Conversion Optimization. Giuseppe’s expertise shines through his work in demand generation for top Italian fashion brands and large-scale retail, as well as his knack for lead generation within franchising networks. His adaptability is showcased by his ability to tailor marketing strategies across diverse business landscapes.


Head of creative

Ira possesses nearly a decade of multimedia design experience, starting in an Outdoor Advertising Agency in the Philippines and transitioning to online collaborations across borders. 

Her skills flourished in digital marketing, graphic design and video editing, evident in her work with diverse clients spanning food, fitness, health, e- commerce and more. Swiftly grasping client instructions, she showcases creativity and timely deliveries. 

Ira’s journey showcases technical prowess, innovative fusion with client needs, and a narrative of dedication honed over her enriching career.


Operations Manager

David is a dynamic professional who embarked on his career with an online holiday activities booking platform, honing skills in online marketing, international customer service, and SEO.

His journey led him through LinkedIn lead generation and reputation-building for leaders at a management consultancy. As Head of Sales & Business Development at an SEO agency, he excelled in strategic client relations. 

Now, as Operations Manager at Solid, David’s organizational prowess, multilingual fluency, and innovative marketing strategies shine, making him an exceptional asset in the world of digital marketing.


Email marketing

Julia brings a wide variety of experience from more than 10 years of professional experience. After starting her career in sales and quality management at the Lufthansa Group, she moved into sales for various global language training providers. 

Today, she brings her experience as a project manager for startups in the areas of strategy development, customer success, online marketing and organizational development. She is passionate about environmental and climate protection and lives in Spain.



Dorothee brings a rich background with over 15 years of experience in communications, marketing and strategic planning to our team. With her experience in e-commerce marketing and with her expertise in Google Ads, she is able to optimize advertising efforts to achieve excellent ROI on numerous projects to increase sales and improve brand visibility.

Her analytical skills also extend to tracking and data analysis, where she excels at interpreting data to refine marketing strategies and improve results.

Dorothee’s broad skill set and strategic understanding make her a powerful force in our marketing efforts, ensuring that our clients’ needs are met with precision and innovative solutions.


Account Manager

Lynn brings a wealth of experience to the table, having kickstarted her career at Germany’s premier Out-of-Home advertising & Digital Media firm. Her passion for E-commerce flourished during her time at a renowned German beauty brand’s online marketing team.

Beyond her corporate roles, she’s embraced her entrepreneurial spirit through managing online shops. With a solid grasp of various marketing tools and over three years of dedicated experience, Lynn’s well-rounded perspective greatly enhances our online marketing endeavors.



Bree is an e-commerce expert with an impressive track record spanning over 8 years. Her forte lies in amplifying the online presence of international corporations and renowned brands. 

As a seasoned social media strategist and email marketing manager, Bree crafts bespoke strategies and impactful initiatives while delivering unmatched results. Her work not only boosts visibility but also cultivates meaningful connections.



Sean is a dynamic professional with a rich background spanning marketing, sales, and e-commerce. From launching personal supplement brands to driving email marketing strategies, Sean’s lively and approachable demeanor adds a touch of fun to his work. He’s known for his exceptional commitment to high-quality results, both in building client relationships and generating revenue for brands.

Behind the brand

Ruba Aramouny

CEO & Founder

Raised in a rich tapestry of cultures and landscapes from Europe to the Middle East, Ruba was always more than just a local. From the early days in 2015, her expertise resonated with leading global brands looking to make an impact with performance marketing and paid advertising.

With growing demand for our services, the team grew as well. Today, SOLID is no longer a solo venture. We’re a diverse team of marketing experts, each bringing their own unique skill set. Our mission? To amplify your brands’ ROI, all while managing the uniqueness of each market you enter.

What sets SOLID apart? It’s our measured blend of proven marketing strategies and a deep-rooted understanding of international nuances. We’re not just expanding your brand; we’re adapting it so seamlessly, it feels at home in every market.

SOLID takes the guesswork out of marketing on a global scale. We help you navigate the global marketplace with both performance marketing expertise and cultural finesse. 🌍💪

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