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Partnering up with SOLID

What it means for your business

We believe that the only way to create a great relationship between our team and yours is to work in full transparency.

Once we agree to collaborate on your projects, SOLID becomes a strategic partner and advisor to your company.

Before we lay out why we might make good partners, let’s talk about this:

3 Reasons NOT to Work With Us

1. You’re looking for a Yes-Man

Imagine hiring a plumber to fix a water leak in your kitchen. You tell him what you think the problem is and how to make the repairs. 

A good plumber will give you their professional opinion where the leak is coming from and how to fix it – even if the fix is different than what you thought it should be. On the other hand, a Yes-Man will take your money and leave you down a few thousand dollars – and you still have a water leak.

When you collaborate with SOLID, you get our undivided attention. We listen to your ideas, goals and challenges. We internalize them. 

We also provide you with our professional opinion, backed up by experience and data, on how to achieve your goals in the most effective way. We believe that a SOLID marketing partner will help craft your marketing tactics based on your desired outcomes while also challenging your perspective (if necessary).

2. You’re looking for a get rich quick-scheme

Yes, we have 10x-ed sales for a company within a month.  It feels great. But there is a lot more that comes into play than just ‘good marketing’. And it doesn’t mean that this is going to happen to every client we take on.

The businesses we work with are willing to question current operating models and put in hard work to achieve their mission.

They  cherish our ability to strike a balance between short-term gains and building sustainable businesses for the long-run.

3. You see marketing as a cost, rather than an investment

At the start of every relationship, we define objectives against which our success can be measured. Everything we do is directly tied to a metric so you can track the return on your investment.

Marketing is not something to aimlessly throw money at and see what sticks like spaghetti on the wall. But we do believe that there is a point where the results you get justify the investment in better expertise. From our experience, those who try to slash costs on marketing often end up paying for the same thing twice because it wasn’t done right the first time.

Why Work With SOLID

We’ve Worked With Dozens of Companies Just Like Yours

We’re happy to partner up with businesses across industries who are looking to boost their growth within the digital space.  

We Align Your Objectives With Our Own

We see ourselves as a growth-oriented partner to your team whose everyday work fulfils the same purpose as yours.

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Some of the World’s Biggest Brands Trust Us

SOLID is lucky to have worked with industry-leading companies that strive to make a positive impact in their market.

"Solid more than doubled
our conversion rate"

We hired SOLID for a large CRM project. I was looking for support with reacquistion and reactivation campaigns, automations, and a revamp of our newsletters. Solid overachieved their goals, and more than doubled our projected conversion rate.
Torsten Müller
Head of Marketing & PR | Urban Sports Club

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Plan and prioritize marketing activities that boost your bottom line. Find out what works and grow with it.

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Create profitable inbound strategies through content marketing and well-designed sales funnels.

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