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+81% Year-Over-Year Growth for Leading F&B Brand

Project Overview

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Client Profile

EMF Boutik, a subsidiary of EMF Middle East, leverages over 40 years of expertise in sourcing premium pastry and bakery ingredients. The online store is designed to cater to food enthusiasts, home bakers, and pastry aficionados.

With a lineup of renowned brands and artisanal ingredients, EMF Boutik assures product traceability, quality, and authenticity. Accompanied by instructional guidance from dedicated chefs, the company promises a rich culinary journey for its customers.

After a successful launch and continuous scaling, EMF Boutik is now the UAE's number one source for high quality baking ingredients and desserts.

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Food & Beverages
Direct to Consumer (D2C)


United Arab Emirates

Initial Situation

Originally one of the largest B2B distributors in the Middle East, EMF Boutik aimed to tap into the B2C market following the COVID crisis. They approached us to set up their Shopify store, configure marketing accounts, and initiate their marketing campaigns across email, various ad platforms and social media.

Specific Requirements

Budget and return on ad spend (ROAS) constraints were defined that needed to be met for scaling the campaigns.



How we did it

Shopify Theme Selection & Setup

Started by dividing campaigns into various Search and Shopping initiatives, highlighting different products, which facilitated more precise and targeted ads.

Launch Strategy and Audience Research

Conducted comprehensive strategy sessions and audience analysis to identify the most promising target groups for a successful launch.

Advertising, Market and Product Testing

Implemented tests to pinpoint both the most valuable audiences and the best-selling products, refining our marketing approach based on the data collected.

Klaviyo Email Automations & Email Marketing

Crafted Klaviyo automations aimed at engaging users at every stage of the sales funnel, enhancing customer retention and conversion rates. Developed customized newsletter templates and generated topic ideas to keep the audience engaged and informed via regular email communications.

Social Media Management for Organic Reach

Implemented strategic social media management techniques to boost organic reach, driving awareness and engagement without increasing ad spend.


In the collaborative success story of EMF Boutik, their commitment to premium baking ingredients harmonized perfectly with our strategic expertise. Becoming the UAE's culinary hub, their innovative approach, combined with clear goals and a proactive attitude towards new strategies, paved the way for an effective expansion of their brand reach.

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