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Ride the wave of unstoppable growth with SOLID. We're here to help your brand shine, captivate your audience, and leave your competitors in the dust.

Ads That Make Your Audience Stop and Stare

Our creative team whips up eye-catching, performance-driven ads that stop the scroll and make your audience go "Woah!" We make sure your brand doesn't just get noticed - it'll become the talk of the town.

Aim, Shoot, and Score with Laser-Sharp Targeting

Finding your perfect audience is like solving a puzzle, and we've got all the right pieces. We dive deep into the customer profile and use advanced targeting techniques to make sure your ads hit the bullseye.

Obsessive Testing for Unstoppable Performance

We're not just passionate about optimizing your campaigns - we're obsessed. We test, tinker, and tweak until your ads are firing on all cylinders, delivering maximum performance and an ever-growing return on ad spend.

Reports That Show You the Money

Say goodbye to cryptic charts and confusing jargon. Our in-depth, no-nonsense reporting keeps you informed, so you know exactly how your ads are performing and the impressive impact they're making.

Dominate your niche on social media

It's time to take your social advertising to dizzying new heights with the performance marketing agency that eats, sleeps, and breathes Facebook & Instagram Ads. Get ready to watch your brand soar.

Facebook Instagram Ads

Happy Clients, Proven Results

60% of our clients see their revenue jump by 75% or more within the first 6 months

"SOLID more than doubled our conversion rate."

We hired SOLID for a large CRM project. I was looking for support with reacquisition and reactivation campaigns, automations, and a revamp of our newsletters. SOLID overachieved their goals, and more than doubled our projected conversion rate.
Torsten Müller
VP of Growth

"A Year of Steady Profitable Growth!"

SOLID transformed our advertising strategy across 6 European markets. Their expert management of search, shopping, and social ads resulted in a remarkable tenfold increase in turnover and a consistently profitable ROAS. The team's prompt responsiveness and effective collaboration have made them highly recommended. .
Victor Borsche
CEO & Founder

"My numbers have increased steadily and profitably."

I never would have imagined that we could achieve so much, so quickly. They put so much effort into helping us grow and answering our questions. My numbers have increased steadily and profitably under their management.
Annie Sands sunshine babies
Annie Sands
CEO & Founder

Unleash the Power of Social Media: Essential Services from a Premier Facebook & Instagram Ads Agency

Choose Your Facebook & Instagram Ads Service

We understand that every business has unique needs, and that's why we offer customizable collaboration options. Pick the level of engagement that works best for you.

Ongoing Social Ads management

Sit back and relax—we'll manage everything from start to finish, keeping you informed every step of the way.

One-Time Social Ads Audit

Get a precise roadmap with actionable insights to help you reach your goals faster than ever.

Solid One-Time Social Ads Setup

We'll build a powerful foundation for you to manage and grow independently.

Ongoing Social Ads Consulting

Receive continuous, data-informed consulting and strategic priorities to stay ahead of the curve.

Crafting Success Stories Together: Our Clients' Growth is Our Greatest Reward

We help scale startups and empower global powerhouses
across a spectrum of products and solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can Facebook & Instagram ads help my brand?

These platforms are a gold mine for reaching your target audience where they already hang out. With the right strategy, you can build brand awareness, drive website traffic, generate leads, and boost sales. You’ll be amazed at the growth you can achieve.

How quickly can I expect results from Facebook & Instagram ads?

Every brand and campaign is unique, but typically, you should start seeing preliminary results within the first 30 days. As we refine and optimize your campaigns, results should continue to improve over time.

How do you define the right audience for my ads?

We tap into Facebook & Instagram’s powerful targeting tools, combined with our own research into your brand, your competitors, and your ideal customer. We consider demographics, interests, behaviors, and more. As we gather data from your campaigns, we’ll continually refine your audience for even better results.

How often will my ads be reviewed and optimized?

Constantly! We’re all about continuous improvement. We monitor your campaigns closely and make regular adjustments to bids, audiences, and creatives to get you the best ROI.

What kind of ad creative will you develop?

We’re pros at crafting ad copy and visuals that connect with your target audience and drive them to take action. Whether it’s carousel ads, video content, or static images, we’ll create a mix that aligns with your brand and resonates with your audience.

What if I have never done Facebook or Instagram ads before?

No worries! Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have campaigns running, we can help. We’ll guide you through the process, setting up everything necessary and educating you along the way.

What's the deal with ad creatives? Do I need to supply them?

Absolutely not! We’ve got a team of gifted designers and copywriters who specialize in crafting compelling ad creatives. We’ll make sure your ads not only look fantastic, but also resonate with your target audience and drive them to take action.

What kind of reporting will I receive?

We provide detailed, transparent reporting so you can see exactly how your campaigns are performing. We believe in data transparency and will always keep you informed about the good, the bad, and the great.

I'm worried about wasting money on non-performing ads. How do you tackle this?

We share your concern! That’s why we continuously monitor, test, and optimize your campaigns. We believe in the power of data-driven decision making – if an ad isn’t performing as expected, we’ll tweak it or switch it out.

Is it worth investing in both Facebook & Instagram ads?

Each platform has its own unique benefits and we usually recommend using both for maximum impact. However, it really depends on your brand, your goals, and your target audience. We’ll work with you to determine the best approach.

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