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How Urban Sports Club doubled conversion rates and increased average transaction value by 22% in 6 weeks using personalized Email marketing

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conversion rate
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Client profile

Urban Sports Club has reinvented the market for leisure and company sports with their single-membership solution. Members of Urban Sports Club get access to thousands of fitness clubs across Germany, France, Italy and other European countries using a single membership.

Urban Sports Club came to SOLID seeking help in improving Email marketing communication with current and past members.


The main objective was to improve the reacquisition campaigns used to recover members that had stopped using their service.

Previous campaigns had done well on a smaller scale, but needed to be expanded upon to work on the company’s entire customer base.

The company also wanted to work on automated campaigns that reduced the likelihood of membership cancellations before they occurred. To further improve communication with existing members, a revamp of the company’s newsletter was also required.


Working together, we created highly targeted segments of past members to send them personalized Email campaigns. SOLID set up Email automation for each segment, triggered by custom events. By the end of the campaign, SOLID increased the campaign’s conversion rates by double the expected amount.

SOLID also worked on behaviorally triggered reactivation campaigns with the company’s Business Intelligence department to reduce cancellations. We also helped the marketing department improve the design and content personalization of their Email marketing newsletter.


Within 6 weeks, our campaigns had achieved:

  • 2x projected conversion rate from churned members
  • Up to 90% higher open rates on email newsletters
  • Increased average transaction value by 22%

How We Did It

"Solid more than doubled our conversion rate"

I’ve worked with Ruba on a large CRM project for Urban Sports Club in mid-2018. I was looking for support with reacquisition and reactivation campaigns and automations, as well as a revamp of our newsletter template.

From the get-go, Ruba showed a very high degree of self-organization, pro-activeness and excellent communications as well as flexibility while temporarily integrating into our team.
With regard to projects and metrics, Ruba completed all her tasks and overachieved her goals, for example by more than doubling the projected conversion rate.

I would recommend Ruba as a digital marketer with great skills, but also the eagerness to learn new things and put in an extra effort when required. I’m available for questions.
Head of Marketing & PR | Urban Sports Club

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